Wondering Why Does Craigslist Want Telephone Verification to Post Now?

Published: 15th November 2009
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Have you just loaded up Craigslist and went to post an ad and discovered that you now need to verify? Why does Craigslist want telephone verification to post now? Phone verification or PVAs are required to post on Craigslist in the services section by default, but many people are discovering that no matter what section they try and post an ad in they need to phone verify before they can continue. The causes of this PVA block or forced phone verification are simple and can be fixed.

Craigslist will force you to phone verify if your IP range has been flagged. What or how does this so called flagging happen? Each time you post on Craigslist your IP is logged. If you post frequently from the same IP range Craigslist quickly flags your IPs and one day you will suddenly discover that you need to phone verify your account no matter what section you try and post in. This forced need for Craigslist PVA is all IP based (for sections outside of services). What is the solution to this problem then? Simple, get some new IPs.

If you can obtain a new IP range that is vastly different from the one you currently use, you'll be able to avoid the forced phone verification. With new IPs Craigslist has no way of knowing that you are posting once again and you should be able to bypass the verification screen very easily. Just be careful and remember that if you post too frequently once again with these new IPs you will eventually be forced to phone verify once more.

The answer to why does Craigslist want telephone verification now is a simple one as Craigslist tracks all user activity via their IP. If you post frequently you will find that your IP range is quickly flagged and Craigslist verification via phone will be required before you can continue.

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