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Published: 31st August 2010
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Just what is a VPS elite proxy server? Setting up your own elite proxy server is easy. Anyone can create or make one with the right kind of hosting and software. If you have ever wanted to make your own VPS elite proxy then you are about to discover how simple and easy the process is. The good news is that your own elite proxy won't cost the Earth. The cost of getting a VPS is very low and the actual software you use to make a VPS into a proxy is completely FREE. With this in mind there really is no reason why you shouldn't setup your own elite proxy if you are sick and tired with trying to find free proxies that actually work.

The first thing your proxy needs is a VPS. VPS means virtual private server. The name isn't important but what is important is that you can take one of these and turn it into a proxy. Prices are low and most places will allow you to rent a VPS for a measly $5 USD a month. That is really cheap especially when you factor in the price of additional IPs. Extra IPs are around $1 USD per month and most places that rent proxies charge anywhere from $5 to $10 per month. Hopefully you can see the massive savings you stand to gain by getting your own VPS and making it into your own private proxy. If you aren't a computer kind of person then the good news is that setting up everything is actually very easy and simple to do.

Once you've got your VPS you now need the software to make it function like an elite proxy. Squid is the name of the software you need and you can download it for free. Don't let the fact that it is free fool you. This software can do EVERYTHING that paid software can do and then some. It will allow you to setup accounts with passwords and assign these accounts to the IPs on your proxy. This is how you can make your elite proxy completely secure and safe from hackers and other people using it for free. Setting up squid is a little difficult and you will most likely need some instructions. However, the good news is that once you know how to set it up it really is very easy.

Getting a vps elite proxy server up and running literally takes minutes. Once you have the VPS setup, you can have the software and accounts created in just a couple of minutes. This makes setting up your own elite proxy that is fast and reliable very easy and cheap to do. There is now no reason to bother using free proxies or paying high prices to rent from someone else. Simply get your own VPS and install squid on it to make your own elite proxy in almost no time. It really is that easy. Why not trying setting up your own elite proxy server today to see what a difference it will make to surfing and using the internet.

Want complete instructions and videos on how to setup a VPS elite proxy server? Visit the VPS proxy server website today for a complete set of detailed instructions and videos showing you every step to creating your own VPS elite proxy.

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