Tor Proxy - Forcing Tor To Use Us Ips Only

Published: 09th April 2010
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TOR is a great http or proxy alternative for someone who is looking for a free proxy server to be anonymous online. While TOR is free, keep in mind that it is far from being completely and totally anonymous. While you are surfing the internet with TOR anyone can examine your IP and detect that you are using a TOR proxy server and are trying to hide your real identity. Depending on what you need a proxy for this may or may not be a problem. TOR is fine provided you realize the limitations and where it can and can't be used.

While a great free web proxy, TOR can sometimes be painfully slow. This is caused by the many different TOR servers located around the world and obviously using a server located on the other side of the world will result in extremely high latency or delay times while surfing the net. Another problem is that you will get a seemingly random IP and this can be a big problem for anyone who wants to use a US based or other country specific IP. The good news is that using the tips below you can force TOR to use US based proxies only.

To make TOR use only US nodes add the following to your TOR config file:

ExcludeNodes {be},{pl},{ca},{za},{vn},{uz},{ua},{tw},{tr},{th}, {sk},{sg},{se},{sd},{sa},{ru},{ro},{pt},{ph},{pa}, {nz},{np},{no},{my},{mx},{md},{lv},{lu},{kr},{jp}, {it},{ir},{il},{ie},{id},{hr},{hk},{gr},{gi},{gb}, {fi},{es},{ee},{dk},{cz},{cy},{cr},{co},{cn},{cl}, {ci},{ch},{by},{br},{bg},{au},{at},{ar},{aq},{ao}, {ae},{nl},{de},{fr}

Hopefully you can see that the above code will make TOR ignore all nodes that are located in those countries. The end result is that only the US nodes will be used. This is great for anyone who is in or near the US and wants a US based node thanks to the commonly faster performance and other advantages of using a US based IP.

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