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Published: 09th January 2009
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Do you have or are you considering setting up a Craigslist proxy? If you have been forced down the road of setting up or looking for your own Craigslist proxy, then these tips may be of use and will help you select the best proxy to use.

Knowing that you need a proxy to post on Craigslist if you are outside of the USA and knowing what to look for in one are two very different things. If you are trying to select the right configuration for your proxy server, make sure it passes all of the below.

* Make sure it is 100% anonymous - Typically, proxy sellers will state in bold letters that their proxies are 100% anonymous. Many use this as nothing more than a tactic to draw in customers. The best way to find out if they are lying or not is by loading up and seeing what is displayed. If it shows anything like that you are using a proxy, it won't work for Craigslist.

* Multiple IPs - You will need multiple IPs. One IP isn't enough unless you are only posting 1 or 2 ads a day. Check that the proxy provider has no problem with multiple IPs.

* FAST - Typically, you will find yourself using proxies that are so slow, you feel like jumping out a window. So slow in fact that it would take years to do what you need. Check the speed of your proxy by web surfing around or using the "ping" command in the command window. You want a proxy that isn't slow when web surfing or has around a 200 - 300ms ping time.

Having a proxy server is great and very useful to many people, but be sure to keep the above advice in mind the next time you go looking to setup your own server. If your proxy server doesn't meet the above criteria, then it is most likely not suitable for posting ads on Craigslist with and should not be used. You will be much better off by investing in your own Craigslist proxy to post ads with.

Want to learn more about setting up a Craigslist Proxy Server? Then visit this site now about Craigslist Proxies.

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