How to Stop Your Ads Being Blocked & Avoid Ghosting on Craigslist

Published: 09th November 2009
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Making your ads stick on Craigslist can be difficult. Ghosting, or ads not going live, is a common problem and there is probably a good chance that you've been unlucky enough to experience this at least once. The actual cause of ghosting on Craigslist is numerous, but there are a few main things that people typically do that can cause ghosting or ads not going live. One of these is how often you post. This can cause major problems with ghosting if you aren't aware of it.

You are only officially allowed to have one ad for whatever it is you are selling or listing on Craigslist at a time. This means that you really aren't meant to post the same ad over and over. This obviously isn't feasible for many people and businesses. What they typically do is post several times throughout the day trying to keep their ad at the top of the listings. This sounds good in theory but in practice it usually quickly leads to your ads being ghosted. If Craigslist starts to see several posts from the same IP and account on a constant basis, you'll most likely experience an increase in ghosting rates. If you really need to post on Craigslist frequently, what you shouldn't be doing is using and posting several times with just one accounts.

If you can get your ads to stick on Craigslist it can be a great boost for your business. Ghosting is a big problem for many people, not just advertisers, and it really helps to know and understand how Craigslist works before you start posting multiple ads on the classified site. Limiting how often you post with one account is an easy way to try and avoid ghosting and get your ads live on Craigslist fast.

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