How to Make A Private Proxy Server

Published: 01st September 2010
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Have you ever wondered how to make a private proxy server? The good news is that setting up your own private proxy is much easier than you make think. Proxy servers are great for people who want to hide their IP or just unblock a website online but finding a reliable proxy is another completely different story. Many proxies are slow and unreliable and this makes using them near impossible. The answer is to simply setup your own server. What will you need to setup your own private server? Two things are required: a VPS and the right proxy software. Read on to discover what these are so you can make setting up your own proxy possible.

The first thing you will need is a VPS. VPS here stands for virtual private server and is the name given to a form of hosting that has all the features of a dedicated hosting machine but is very cheap. Don't let the word virtual fool you into thinking that it is limited in what it can do. This kind of hosting is powerful enough to run your proxy server on and will have no problem at all doing it. Getting your own VPS is simple and there are hundreds if not thousands of companies around the world that will be able to supply you with one. How much do they cost? Expect to pay around $5 to $10 USD per month for the VPS. The good news is that most of these servers come with two IPs, and if you have ever rented proxies before you will know that many places charge $10 a month for IPs. So your own server with 2 IPs for $5 a month is already a bargain. Need extra IPs? Not a problem because you can add additional IPs and usually pay $1 USD per IP or less. This is why setting up your own proxy server makes sense because it not only allows you to use a super fast and super reliable proxy but also saves you money.

Once you've got your hosting the next thing you'll need is the right kind of software. What is this going to cost you? Nothing! The software you need to install is called "squid" and is available for free. This software will allow you to configure your VPS so that it functions as a proxy server. You will be able to access all the IPs on your private proxy by providing a username and password. This means that no-one else will be able to use your proxy but you can share and create accounts for friends if you want because you have complete control over every aspect of the private proxy server you setup. Setting up squid is easy once you know how and configuration can be done literally within minutes.

For anyone who has ever wanted to know how to setup a private proxy the above information will not only allow them to setup a powerful and fast proxy but one that is completely secure, safe and extremely cheap. Setting up your own proxy server will cost you very little and is the best thing you could ever do if you want your own proxy.

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